All the works here foreground my interest in the phenomenology of photography, explored through the legacy of modernism. There is an underlying interest in the flatness of the photograph and several of the series deliberately blur the distinction between photography and drawing/painting.

"Works on Paper" is a series of composite photographs of folded sheets of paper. The sheets are carefully folded and then photographed square on under raking light.

"Folds" focusses on the walls of the ubiquitous, cheaply built industrial units found on the fringes of towns and cities across Europe. The blank, corrugated metal surfaces offer morbid echoes of the purist forms of high modernist painting and architecture.

"Windows" is essentially about framing. Isometric shapes made from gold leaf are presented within framing devices that are themselves isometric projections. The shape of the window we look through determines the way we can see the content and in particular the fictive space inside the frame.

“Interference” consists of composite photographs of sheets of perforated metal. When laid on top of each other the holes in the metal sheets create interference patterns and the resulting images are optically unstable, particularly when seen as large scale prints.

"Thread" consists of photographs of lengths of gold thread stretched across a single flat plane and photographed under subdued lighting. The images take on the characteristics of line drawings and create illusions of depth by using systems such as perspective and isometric projection.